Monday, March 26, 2007

Better to fish from shore

The last week of march has been a slow time for trout in the south bay. Fish and game have planted thousands of Cormorant snack sized trout. The Cormorants eat up the plant in about two days. So if you are retired or unemployed you can catch a small limit before the birds get them. The usual power baits or small lures work well right after planting. If you work , SORRY NO FISH.

The east bay is another story. They plant some larger fish so these are not eaten by the Cormorants. If you read the fishing reports, you get the idea that you are going to catch your limit from shore or boat. Well, that is only half right. Maybe from shore but not from a boat.

I have rented boats at San Pablo Dam and Los Vaqueros with very slim success.
San Pablo Dam has little weekday boat bargins and the lake is packed with all sorts of large boats racing up and down the lake. This drives the fish toward shore. I caught two trout in five hours of trolling . Taking a survey of boats and dock workers , I caught more than the average boat by two fish.
The shore anglers did much better. I watched for about twenty minutes and saw three fish over five pounds caught. Forget the boats they are an expensive way to get to the other side to still fish. Just fish from shore.

Los Vaqueros has great boats and great prices, Twenty five bucks for five hours. I fished last thursday for five hours and caught my usual King Salmon . That is right, salmon. They are between four and five pounds and taste fantastic. But it will not last long. This is the last year for them as their life cycle is about to end. By the way if any of you are fishing at Los Vaqueros and happen to catch an Abu Garcia 5000 attached toa custom rod , it belongs to me. A huge fish ripped it out of the holder and into the lake.{ check your drag}

This week it is off to the local pond to fish for that fresh water bone fish the White Sucker.