Saturday, December 29, 2007

Your complaints worked!!!!!!!

This is just a short report. All of those e-mails must have done some good, because the Fish @ Game finally brought in those Holiday Fish. On Thursday at 2:30 pm one thousand pounds of trout from Mt. Lassen were put into Cottonwood Lake! I was right in the middle of a gigantic fish boil. Unfortunately nothing was caught. Went back the next day for a short time, nothing . Went back today and finally caught some. The total for three fishing two hours was two caught and six missed. The only thing working was to drag in the power bait on a six inch leader. The fish were holding right on the bottom. No one caught a thing just dunking bait, except the pelicans who gobbled up twenty nice size fish. Maybe they will start bitting before they are all eaten. You only have a few days left on this years license, so get out and move your bait. Happy New Year and God Bless. Later, see you next year.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Christmas Day found me at the Perk Ponds in Campbell looking for those " enhanced trout" from the fish and game. They posted on their wed site about the Holiday present to all of the South Bay. We were supposed to get 1to 3 pound fish before Dec. 24th. What we got was a lump of coal, no fish, nothing. Walked around the pond looking for fish. Saw nothing. The sad part is also saw kids with brand new rods and reels coming to fish. What a great gift to these kids if the fish and game would have put some fish in. Who knows maybe a new generation of fisherpersons would be born. We will never know because they will not catch any fish and be hooked on fishing.I am posting the web site so all can complain to those grinches.

No new news, The South bay gets coal and the East Bay gets fish, lots of fish, thousands of pounds. I think I will take a large garbage can and bring some fish to the South Bay, but that is not legal ,so I will write EMails which never get answered.
Time to collect some empty soda cans so I can buy my 2008 license. Happy Holidays to all. Take back a gift or two if you do not find enough soda cans to buy your license because the game wardens will be out in force Jan. 1th. God Bless

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fish Fish and more Fish

Went to two different places this week. First I spent one hour at Cottonwood Lake, catching a couple of long skinny trout. They were 11 inches with a girth of 2 inches . In other words, they were sardine trout. Fish and game must be breeding a new species of trout, one crossed with a sardine. Or they are starving regular trout. What ever is the case these trout are worthless as garden fertilizer or food. Just think for only $51.25 you can enjoy catching these rare trout at all of the South Bay local ponds. I just can't wait till next year! By the way $51.25 is a fishing license with a second pole stamp. If you fish the Delta, $6.25 more.

The second fishing trip was to the East Bay. They have been stocking a ton of fish in their lakes. That's right 2000 lbs. per lake! These are nice one to two pounders with a healthy mix of three to ten pounders. They even brought in some from Oregon. they are better fighting and tasting fish. They have full tails and pink meat. I will let you know how they taste.
After throwing lures for two hours and catching nothing, I broke down and bait fished. Of course I do not do the Power Bait and throw out dunking. No I kick it up a notch. I find the latest bait and combine it with old standbys. The trout hit two combos. One was a mix of natural corn and salmon egg flavored Power Bait dipped in some rainbow trout Pro Gel. These caught the Oregon trout. They must be fed a ground fish meal diet. The second combo was Berkley waxies with yellow Power Eggs. The waxies are wax worm lookalikes in different colours from natural to green. I used the green colour. Much better than the real thing, as they require no care. Just screw on the lid after use.
Caught seven trout ,two of which were Oregon trout. They weighed in at 11lbs. 15ozs. For the seven. Five are in the garden and two for food.

The picture at the right is how the jar of Berkley Glup waxies looks like to me with out my glasses. Sorry about the sharpness but they still do catch fish By for now and God Bless......