Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Reel Meaning Of Fishing

Yesterday was over 100 and too hot to do anything but go up to the higher elevation lakes to cool off. I talked my fishing partner into going with me by saying we will only stay a short time. Of course,that is fishing time. Five minutes equals one hour.

The lake was stocked with many small triploid rainbows.They thought they were wild fish, because all of them were eating the insect hatches going on all over the lake. We tried numerous flies, me on my fly rod and she on her Ugly Girl  pole with a bubble.  Ferne is not ugly, the pole is a pink wrapped Ugly Stick, hence the name Ugly Girl pole. I needed to clarify that so as not to incur any bodily harm. Ferne picked out a wet fly  pattern with gray wings called Alexandra, and began to get bites. Being the astute fisherperson I switched to a gray emerger  fished wet, because I was trying my new Cortland 444 camo sinking line. I like the way it handles. But I think it is because of the Blue Sky Leader I use. This leader makes me a much better caster, because it easily turns over the fly, making a perfect cast out of a not so perfect cast.  Final tally, six fish caught and twenty six missed.  A fun time in  the heat.  As you will read in my guest bloggers post, it is not about how large or how many. In Fernes own words………………. IMG_3278 It is summer and I have not been doing as much sewing as I would like, but the activities I have been doing are definitely building some skills that I will use in future projects.  Yesterday I spent a little time with my fisherman at the local pond called Grace.  The fish were jumping and the people were lined up at the little bit of shore IMG_3276available to fish from.  Fish were being caught by young and old a like, but not by me so the search was on for the bait the fish would want to eat.  To find it I have found that have to look around you and boy did I see a lot.  I saw reeds where fish could hide to stay cool, the different colors in the water let you know where the deep sections are and this is a place fish like to hang out.  Someone thought the fish might like IMG_3284 Cherrios and I heard another person mentioning that she had been using Velveeta Cheese and that didn’t like that either.  I saw when I really looked that the fish were jumping up to catch a certain bug that must have just hatched and they were like little white mayflies.  Changing my lure to something that most resembled the bug got the fish biting my line and when other fishermen see that they all want to know what you are using, this is where fisherman learn to lie because in order to keep your status as the guy catching the fish you can’t give away your secret. IMG_3279

As the fish weren’t biting much I got bored and started looking around me and thinking about how fishing is not really about catching but more about taking in the environment where you are fishing.  Listening to the sounds of the  birds, the fisher people, the buzz of bees and mosquitoes, and so much more.  IMG_3280Butterflies don’t make any noise, but they are always there and so beautiful to observe, but hard to catch on film .  Being a gardener I am always admiring the flowers and plants and how nature is such a better gardener than me, she knows just what looks good together and grows well together, it always amazes me.

I also enjoy the movement on the water.  This was helping us see just where most of the active fish were which was also where the water was deep and cool and the bugs were hanging out.  So casting into just the right spot with just the right lure IMG_3286and dragging through this spot with just the right speed to look like one of the bugs and the fish were biting on my line.  I really don’t care if I catch a fish and we usually let them go anyway, but the thrill you get when one tugs on your line always gets my heart racing and wakes me up from the fishing trance.  Of course, I am always thinking this is the big IMG_3277one I have waited my whole fishing life for, but it usually is not and that is okay.  Fishing for me is not all about catching the big one though my oldest son totally disagrees with me, he claims that if he doesn’t catch fish and if they are not of a decent size he has wasted time.  I tell he to rethink that and take a look around him and soak in the environment around him.  That is what fishing is all about, but catching is always fun too, because the elusive fish is a beauty to behold and natures color combinations are always an inspiration to the artist side of me and could show up in a quilt or a painting project some where in the future.IMG_3289  

Catch a little inspiration by looking around you!