Friday, May 25, 2007

May 25,2007

The derby is over. No big trout for me. But I was not alone. Chabot did not stock very many whoppers,
they only put 500 lbs. in. These included many 20+ size fish. It does not take a math major to see that there were not many planted. I managed to to get a tiny 2.5lb fish.
Although if crappies counted I would have won the derby. I got a4lber bigger than the trout. All caught with a medium rebel floater behind my latest secret lure, a dingleberry jig.

I gave up on the derby and went to Shadow Cliff to catch a thunder trout. The above picture is of a tunder trout Caught in the first 10 minutes. Than nothing else for two hours.

The South Bay is getting too warm for trout . It is catfish time. So Hellyer and Vasona will be the best places to fish if and when they are planted.

For trout it is only Los Vaqueros. I took my dingleberry set up there yesterday and tried it out. Great success, caught 10 trout from 2to 5 lbs.,and a 5lb. salmon! The biggest fish were caught on the jig flies. Go to cabelas before I buy them all.

Gone catfishing.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

the last trout plants for the south bay

May 1,2007

This is the last south bay trout plant for the summer. But, what a plant! Cottonwood Lake had a kids day and stocked three to five pounders. The young kids caught a few, but the old kids, like me, got their chance Sunday evening. Fishing from 6.30 to 7.30 I managed to get three landed and hooked or got bitten by twenty others All in the three to five pound range. All caught using my mini stelth bobber by Thrill, and a bead head wolly bugger in a brown black pattern. No one else caught any thing! I went back the next two days fishing about two hours each day and ending up with about fifty hits and 21 fish caught . All but five released back for someone else to catch.

This weekend they stock the Campbell Perk Ponds for the kids. Guess where I will be next Monday.

Moving on to the East Bay. The derby continues on with not many big fish caught in Lake Chabot. Was there last Tuesday, and had the worst day ever. In five hours I caught only three fish with the biggest being 2.4 lbs. Start stocking the big boys!

Sat. I had the pleasure to take out a wonder kid named Scott. He was part of the Cast For Kids Foundation. This program travels around the country letting challenged kids fish with seasoned fishermen and fisherwomen in boats or from shore. We went out on Los Vaqueros Lake in a boat for a couple of hours trolling with leadcore and criplures. Scott caught three nice trout and had a five pounder on until he lost it at the boat. We came in and the shy Scott proudly carried his stringer around the marina showing off his catch.Afterwards we all had a great BBQ. Rewarding for all.