Friday, October 26, 2007


Went to Del Valle Thursday October 25 2007 and tried out the Bigjon downrigger for the very first time. It worked great and looked great, but the fish did not think so, no bites. Trolled around the entire lake from launch ramp to the dam and all places in between.Got only three bites on leadcore at 35 feet. The lake is so low that I had to watch the depth finder so as not to get hung up on the bottom.

The object of this trip was to fish for salmon as they plant thousands of fingerlings each year,unannounced. I did not catch any but found great spots for future trips. I did see two nice trout about 6lbs. caught off the bank to the right of the dam. You need a boat to get there, unless you are into 6 mile hikes each way. Otherwise not much doing for all who fished .

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The worm is the thing

Went to Quarry lake in Fremont today. Fished from 10:30 till 2:00 and caught my five fish limit, weighing 8lb 11oz. All were caught with a black egg sucking leech with green fish pills. The bait comes from Mad River Manufacturing and can be ordered from:www I got there the bank was full of fishermen. When I left there was no one there. No one caught anything but me . I know that the bait was the difference. This is the second time I limited out using these rubber worms. Just goes to show you that you need to try different things when the basics do not work.

Went to Los Vaqueros for the last time until they plant big fish. I had a free boat rental so I trolled the entire lake from 60 feet down to 5 feet under the surface. Only had two fish on in four hours. The salmon are turning yellow and soft and the trout are small. It is going to take another year or two before the salmon reach full size. so let the place rest and fish some where else.

Going to try downrigger fish at Del Valle soon So stay tuned.

The local lake have no fish stocked until December. That means carp fishing with bread and corn. Don't laugh try to bring in a 31lb. carp on four lb. test line. You will need to run the shore so you do not get spooled. Thats the size of the monster caught two weeks ago. Good fishing and as my dad always said God Bless.

Friday, October 5, 2007

The fish are back!!!!!!!

The fish have returned to Quarry Lake. With 1500 pounds of fresh Mt. Lassen trout the bite is on. Fishermens row was the hot spot. With power bait in the yellow colour.

Just picked up some new scents from Pro Cure. The carp spit was the best bite getter

The only thing with bait fishing is that you have to keep what you get . Letting the trout go after hooking them in the gut will not work. So keep what you catch or cut off the hooks at the mouth.

Watch out for the pelicans though because they will try to steal your catch every chance they get.

I marked the secret spot with a home made pole holder. Just walk the shore till you come upon this---